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JanSport Travel Bags - JanSport Luggage

Luggage that you can rely on. JanSport luggage has a 30 year warranty so you know you can trust it to perform. For the casual holidaymaker to the intensive traveller, JanSport has the perfect bag for you.

If you’re going travelling and you are looking for wheeled luggage then be sure to check out the JanSport Upright , so good it comes in three sizes. This is one tough range of bags. JanSport has refined this luggage and the designers have taken great care over the details so that you don’t have to ever worry.

JanSport has delivered again with the Duffel On Wheels, which is an extension of their ever-popular Duffel range. With this piece of luggage you never need to worry about how heavy it’s getting, safe in the knowledge that you can pop-up the handle and wheel it along.

Be sure to travel in style with JanSport’s unbeatable range of luggage and travel bags.